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7 Content Marketing Lessons Brands Can Learn from Journalists

Before making my debut in the content marketing world, I was a journalist living out her days at coffee shops, city council meetings, ribbon cuttings and community gatherings. The daily grind was grueling at times, but it was also exciting. The prospect of breaking news always kept me on my toes and every day I worked to give my readers the latest and greatest news and information. And of course, I aimed to deliver that news and information before the competition. Now as a content marketer, I find that while my job title has changed, the essence of what I do hasn’t. Like journalism, content marketing is all about providing your audience with quality content that informs, engages and develops your brand as a trusted go-to resource. Journalist or content marketer, I’m still faced with the same challenge every day: actually delivering that quality and engaging content in the face…

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Getting Growth Minded: How Wishpond Ditched Low-Impact A/B Testing to Drive Signups

A few months ago the growth team at Wishpond was having trouble reaching our KPIs for free trial sign-ups and set ourselves on a path to find a solution. We had been actively optimizing our blog popups for a while – trying new copy, different colors, designs, images, etc. But as the month came to a close, the ROI from our optimization efforts began to plateau, and our goal seemed light years away. We needed something new that would command attention and create a reaction from our visitors. So we scoured the internet for inspiration and came up with the… The post Getting Growth Minded: How Wishpond Ditched Low-Impact A/B Testing to Drive Signups appeared first on The Daily Egg. The Daily Egg

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4 Post-Conversion Autoresponder Tactics to Keep Your Leads Alive

Bring your leads back from the dead with an engaging autoresponder. There’s no shortage of top-notch online content aimed at optimizing your landing pages. Ultimate Guides, Best Practices and Perfect Anatomies abound. Unfortunately, the vast majority of all that amazing content ignores what happens immediately after your visitor converts… and that, ladies and gentlemen, is where your landing pages go to die. In other words, unless you have a plan for what happens after someone signs up or says “Yes,” all the conversion momentum you bled to create — not to mention the ripest opportunity you have to engage — might be for nothing. This means crafting an authentic, engaging autoresponder — whether that’s a confirmation email, download link, or even just a friendly “Thanks for signing up” — in a way that bonds you to your prospects right from the jump. To do that, let’s take a look at…

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Influencer Marketing Is (not) Dead: How to Breathe New Life into Your Program

What’s a marketer to do? We heard that influencer marketing was the next big thing. We heard about companies getting amazing results with it. But it seems you can’t go anywhere online recently without seeing headlines like this: And this: Note the social shares on those two articles: 242,000 for the first one and nearly 50,000 for the second one. If influencer marketing is burning down, that’s a lot of people standing by with marshmallows to roast. But don’t panic. These two articles, and many more like them, refer to a specific kind of influencer marketing. Generally speaking: the bad kind. Specifically, the practice of writing massive checks to teenagers with a lot of followers on Instagram or Vine in exchange for product promotion. That particular economy, which converted cash to “influence” or “awareness,” was pretty much doomed from the start. You’re in trouble any time you convert real money…


Samsung’s new Gear Fit 2 has GPS and a giant display – The Verge

The Verge Samsung's new Gear Fit 2 has GPS and a giant displayThe VergeActivity-tracking wristbands tend to promise a lot and deliver not quite as much, but that hasn't stopped wearable makers from trying. Some of them are starting to squeeze more sensors into the same wristband form factor, hoping that the added …Hands on: Samsung Gear Fit 2Digital TrendsSamsung Gear Fit 2 and Icon X promo videos show off their cool new featuresPhone ArenaSamsung's Gear Icon X heart-rate fitness earbuds are completely wireless, coming later this yearCNETPC Magazine –Ars Technica –TechCrunch –AppleInsider (press release) (blog)all 165 news articles » Technology – Google News


Win a Free Trip to CTAConf 2016 [Prize Package Valued at $6,000]

TL;DR: Win a trip to the Unbounce Call to Action Conference in Vancouver this upcoming June 19 – 21 (a prize valued at over $ 6,000) by creating a landing page that converts. For the past two years, we’ve hosted an epic contest to send deserving marketers to our Call to Action Conference in Vancouver. >>This way to win your way to CTAConf We received some pretty remarkable landing pages entries. Hilarious videos were created. Retargeting happened. Directional cues were used. A ton of personality, memes, dancing, creativity, blood, sweat and tears went into these pages. In short, we were pretty blown away. So we’re doing it again. But this time it’s going to be a little bit different. The challenge Listen closely. We’ve created a new landing page template all about CTA Conf 2016 (hosted by Unbounce this upcoming June 19 – 21) and why we think every marketer…


The Definitive Guide to Measuring Your First Paid Social Campaign

There’s no doubt that the social media marketing landscape has changed. Across platforms, organic efforts simply don’t see the cut-through they once did — agh, what’s that noise? That’s a lot of noise to compete with. Paid and promoted posts, however, are an effective way to cut through the noise to reach your specific target audience when executed strategically. But all too often, people dive head-first into paid media without a strategy. They test several elements at once without a goal in mind. They’re left not knowing what worked and what didn’t. Their managers and teams are then hesitant to try it again (or even try it the first time) because they don’t have a clear picture of the value added or investment returned. With proper objectives, processes, plans and measurement, however, paid ads on social can add measurable value. They can drive purchases or signups, get eyeballs on your…