A Day to Be With Family and Remember

Sgt. Benton Thames inspects a sentinel before the sentinel begins his walk on the mat at Arlington National Cemetery.

“At the grave of a hero we end, not with sorrow at the inevitable loss, but with the contagion of his courage; and with a kind of desperate joy we go back to the fight.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. fought in the Civil War, enlisting with the Massachusetts militia during his senior year of college. He suffered numerous wounds and nearly died of dysentery.

After three years, in 1864, Holmes was able to walk away from military service. He would go on to live another 71 years, ultimately becoming one of the best-known and most oft-cited U.S. Supreme Court Justices in history. (He defined “clear and present danger,” for example.)

Holmes would serve all the way until just a couple of months before his 91st birthday. His was a full and vibrant life.

Unfortunately, so many of the men Holmes fought with and against in the Civil War did not make it home. Nor have so many of the men and women who have fought in the wars that have occurred since. So much life unlived. So much potential unable to be fulfilled.

Today, those of us in the U.S. pause to honor these men and women — those whose lives ended, as Holmes wrote, “at the grave of a hero.”

As Ronald Reagan said, “It’s a day to be with the family and remember.”

We’ll be back tomorrow with our usual content schedule.


By the way, if you’re interested in learning the history of Memorial Day — did you know it was originally called “Decoration Day” or that a national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time? — here is a short video and article from the History Channel.

Flickr Creative Commons Image via A Nowak.

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Send Beautiful, Curated Email Newsletters with the Curate App

Creating consistent, high-quality content is the best way to keep your email subscribers happy and engaged. But not everyone is bursting at the seams with new content ideas, much less has the time to create neatly packaged emails to share those ideas.

Now there’s a faster, easier way to keep in touch and share news with your subscribers: AWeber’s new mobile app, Curate.

What is Curate?

Curate is the email newsletter app that lets anyone send beautiful, curated newsletters.

How does it work? Just save any content you want to share – articles, videos, links and more – to the app. Curate will automatically format your content into a newsletter that you can edit and personalize for your subscribers.

Why should I send curated email newsletters?

Content curation isn’t some fleeting industry trend. According to 74 percent of marketers, curation is an important part their content strategy, and 85 percent say they use curated content to establish themselves as thought leaders.

And it works! For every dollar invested in content curation (versus content creation), small to medium-sized businesses see 5.2 times more volume and 2.2 times more traffic. That means you get a lot more out of content curation than you put into it.

So not only does content curation save you time and money, it makes you a go-to resource for your audience. It helps position you as a thought leader and lets you educate your subscribers on the topics they care about the most. And if you don’t yet have an audience, curating content can also be a great way to attract and build a subscriber list

That’s how curated email newsletters help you build lasting relationships with your subscribers.

To learn more about getting started with curated content, check out this post about content curation best practices.

Who can use Curate?

Curate is for everyone. Really! Even if you’re just starting to build your audience, Curate can help you build brand awareness. That’s why 80 percent of marketers use content curation to improve their own visibility.

It’s a fun and easy way to stay in touch with your subscribers that also happens to drive big results.

You’ll love Curate if you’re:

  • Trying to drive more traffic: Yes, content curation can get you more traffic and more leads. Make sure people can find you by linking back to your website in every curated newsletter you send.
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  • Struggling to create content (or just don’t have time): Creating new content on a consistent basis isn’t easy. Curated email newsletters are a great solution for anyone who wants to keep their subscribers engaged, even when you’re not sure what to write.
  • Using AWeber’s blog broadcast: If you’re familiar with AWeber’s blog broadcast, Curate gives you a new way to share your content when you’re away from your desktop. Just save your own blog posts to the Curate app, edit them if needed and hit send.

What do I need to get started with Curate?

  1. Download the app.
    If you don’t already have a subscriber list with AWeber, click here to start your 30-day free trial so you can create one. Anyone can save content into Curate, but you’ll need an AWeber account to send your curated newsletter.
  2. If this is your first time using email marketing, congrats! Make it easy for people to sign up for your curated newsletter by creating a sign up form. Want a mobile sign up form? We have an app for that too. :)
  3. Set up a welcome email to welcome your new subscribers. Here are some ideas for what to write.
  4. Pat yourself on the back, because you’re about to send your first curated newsletter!

How do I create an awesome-looking curated newsletter?

You’re in luck: Curate does most of the work for you. But there are a few tricks you can use to create on-brand newsletters for your subscribers.

First, you should know that you can share YouTube videos from the YouTube app into Curate too. Considering people spend 100 percent more time on pages that contain video, you might want to add one to your next newsletter.


Android tricks

Have an Android device? I have a few fun tricks for you.

On Android devices, you can share text content into Curate from almost anywhere. To share, long press the text to adjust the handles and select text you want to share into Curate. Then choose Curate from the floating menu. You can do this from any app or browser on an Android device.

You can also save an entire photo album from your Android device into Curate. When you update your album, your updates will be reflected in your Curated email. So if you want to share photo updates at a live event, you can tell your subscribers to keep checking that link in your curated email to see new photos as you add them.

Finally, on Android you can add a section of text to your newsletter. Just save your rich text as a note in Google Keep, then share it into Curate. You can add links (like your Twitter handle or website) by manually copying and pasting them into your text after you’ve shared it into Curate.

You can use this to create a closing section of your newsletter where you can include your contact information and ask for feedback. Here’s an example:


Is there a desktop version of Curate?

Not yet, but it is possible to curate content from your desktop. To do that, use a service that lets you edit text files across your mobile device and desktop computer – for example, Notes on OS X can be synced to your iOS device with iCloud, and you can manage your Google Keep notes from your desktop before sharing them to your Android. Add your content link to the shared note, open the link in a browser and share into Curate.

I need some ideas for my curated email newsletter!

Not to worry, there are a lot of different ways you can collect and arrange your curated content. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • News round-up: Share relevant industry news with your subscribers in daily, weekly or monthly news round-ups.
  • Content that relates to a common theme: Choose a new topic each week (or however often you plan on sending) and curate content that relates to your theme.
  • Collection of valuable resources: Point your subscribers to your go-to websites and apps so they can benefit from them too. People love that stuff.
  • Curate your own content: Create a “best-of” newsletter that showcases your best or most popular content. Or simply curate your most recent blog posts.
  • Grab more ideas here.

Do you have any examples of great-looking curated newsletters?

Plenty! Hit the links below to see some of our favorite curated email newsletters.

Random Thoughts

Music Group of the Week

Bro-dates Newsletter

So what are you waiting for? Download the Curate app for iOS or Android now. And if you’re not an AWeber customer yet, sign up for your 30-day free trial today.

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3 Ways to Improve the Best Advice Ever

3 Ways to Improve the Best Advice Ever

I’ve got a little bone to pick with a piece of extremely common advice I hear from successful entrepreneurs.

I hear this advice everywhere.

Watch the video (or read more below):

The advice goes a little something like this:

You just gotta get out there and do it!

Just do it.

Get after it.

Make it happen.

This isn’t going to happen to you, you gotta make it happen.

Dive in, get your hands dirty.

This advice is everywhere. Comedians, entrepreneurs, professional sports-people… So there’s got to be some truth to it.

But if I’m honest, this advice has never been that effective — it’s never helped me get my hands dirty and dive into something I aspire to do.

And I think we can fix that.

Here are 3 ways we can improve this advice to make it more effective for anyone who want to step out of their comfort zone and get something done.

1. You’re gonna suck at first.

Listen, when we start things we suck at them, ok?

It’s because we’re learning. We’re not masters yet, we’re learners.

I think, for myself, there’s a lot of resistance, analysis paralysis, wrapped up in this “you’re gonna suck at first” thing.

It makes sense, right? NONE of us were trained in how to suck gracefully.

We don’t have people in our life we really admired because they’re so bad at things.

“Oh man, Dale’s the best — he just sucks at EVERYTHING!”

BUT I think there’s a little bit of an invitation here to be okay with sucking at the start.

“Hey, I’m going to start up a business idea I can’t get out of my head and it’s gonna SUCK SO BAD at first, but just hang with me; it’ll get better with time.”

Doesn’t that just sound a lot more humane?

Doesn’t it put some of your fears in check when you realize it’s OK to suck at first, that everyone does?

The first thing we can add to this “just get out there and do it” advice is:

You’re gonna suck at first… Be okay with that.

you’re gonna suck at first

2. What you’re trying to do is actually quite difficult.

My goodness, I feel like we’re really unfair to ourselves about this one.

Nobody preparing to climb Mt. Everest is ever, like:

“You know what, I am just really in my head about this whole thing right now; I should just get out there and do it.”

NO! Because climbing Everest is really fk’n hard!

But, we say that kind of thing about our own endeavors all the time, not seeing or realizing that what we’re trying to do is actually quite hard.

I think this is a big reason why we waffle and flounder about, resisting action so much: because we haven’t sat down, taken inventory and saw this project in it’s true light as a pretty big undertaking.

Because when you realize something’s a real large task, you can break it down into little chunks And start making progress.

But we don’t do that. Instead we’re just really hard on ourselves for not being further along than we are.

Which doesn’t help anyone.

So, here’s another thing we can add to that “just get out there and do it” advice:

What you’re trying to do is quite difficult… Honor that and go gentle on yourself.

what you are doing is difficult

3. Luck plays a big role.

It just does. Luck plays a big role.

And we discredit that.

If you don’t like the word “luck” you could think of it as “serendipity” or “happenstance.”

It’s lucking out and being in the right place at the right time.

It’s an important influencer who just happened to be a friend of your uncle.

It’s a connection or a hook-up or an asset you lucked out to have.

It’s “this door led to that door and then, OMG I didn’t even see that coming, which put me in this position and led to that thing which opened the door to where I am today!”

These kinds of things play a role in everyone’s success.

Now, we don’t like that we can’t control luck, it just happens where it happens.

We’d rather say that if you work hard it’ll all work out and those who work harder get more success.

Which is true in a lot of ways. You certainly have to work hard… That will always be an ingredient.

But I think seeing luck also as an ingredient makes us a little more honest about whatever success comes our way.

There are things you can’t control that will play a part in your success. So let’s add that as well to our “just get out there and do it” advice:

What you’re trying to do will require some luck… Work hard and know that not everything is in your control.

what you are doing will require luck

This really is the best advice.

“You just gotta get out there and do it” really is the best advice. BUT we just need to augment it in a few ways…

  1. You just gotta get out there and do it… AND you’re gonna suck at first. Be OK with that.
  2. You just gotta get out there and do it… AND what you’re trying to do is quite difficult. Be gentle with yourself.
  3. You just gotta get out there and do it… AND you’ll need some luck along the way. Work hard and be open.

So, maybe next time you hear that common advice, you can remember these three things we’ve added today.

When I hear it this way it certainly connects a bit deeper, makes me feel a little more gritty and brave.

Hopefully you too. Thanks for reading!

PS. if you like the spirit of this post and you want to build a business of your own (on the side or full time), check out what we’re doing at Fizzle with the 9 stage roadmap. Watch the video »

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3 Ways to Improve the Best Advice Ever
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Oh, snap! #90sABook gives literature a fly, nostalgic makeover



Booyah! Books just got nostalgic.

On Thursday, Barnes and Noble encouraged people to take a totally rad trip down memory lane with their hashtag game #90sABook.

The game is simple: take a book, new or old, and create a fake, ’90s-ified version of it.

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And let’s just say the results where da bomb. After all, who wouldn’t want to read Harry Potter and the ‘Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?’ Of the Phoenix?

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