Four Things to Keep in Mind When Training on Brand Voice

Your brand voice is how your organization “speaks” to its audience. And to make sure that voice is consistent across all channels, you need to train communicators at your company to use it well. Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content

How One Brand Uses Insanely Useful Content to Help Customers Make Better Decisions

With complex decisions to make each year – from adjusting capital expenditures to figuring out the amount and timing of fertilizer applications – farmers must analyze reams of data to keep their operations running profitably. PotashCorp saw an opportunity to provide utility-based content that would not only inform farmers, but also influence mission-critical decision-making. As […]

2 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Brand Publisher

A slow and steady stream of articles from reputable sources, including Inc., Fortune and Content Marketing Institute, has been encouraging brands and their marketing teams to think and act more like publishers. They extoll those that do. But is publishing the salvation of content marketing? There are certainly many advantages to creating higher-quality content more […]

Bringing Ideas to Life: A Look Behind the Creative Curtain

I was jotting down notes in one of the many journals I have around the office (or The Cave, as it is known around here). I happened to come across multiple pages of notes and sketches created around this time last year when we were formulating ideas for the Content Marketing World 2015 theme. After […]

Why You Need Two Types of Content Strategist

Recently I was asked: “How do you define an exceptional content experience?” My response was “I don’t deal with front-end experience. I make the content sing and dance by managing it behind the scenes. A front-end strategist tells me what’s needed, and I develop the back-end strategy to support those needs.” Content strategists come in […]

How to Increase Conversions at Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Visitors interact with your brand six to eight times on average before they become customers, according to several studies. Keeping that in mind, does it make sense to treat visitors on their first interaction the same as those on their sixth? Trying to get a visitor at the start of the journey to purchase immediately […]

Host Your Own Twitter Chat: Time-Saving Advice, Tools, and Templates

One of our favorite ways to interact with our community on Twitter is through our weekly #CMWorld Twitter chat. The chat started in 2013 with a 10-week experiment prior to Content Marketing World as a way to connect our speakers with potential and registered attendees. After that event, we received many requests from the #CMWorld Twitter […]

Finding Your Sweet Spot – An Extreme Content Focus [Exercise]

If you’ve been reading my latest posts here at Content Marketing Institute, you’ll see a trend around differentiation. Specifically, either start telling a different story or don’t bother at all. Related to this, Gary Vaynerchuk made a statement in the first minute of his DailyVee 015 show that’s worth breaking apart: The No. 1 thing […]

Your Content Team Can Sprint With Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is fast becoming the way for marketing teams to produce impactful, audience-focused resources consistently. I was delighted to hear members of the content marketing community embracing Agile methodologies in my recent #CMWorld Twitter chat. As I answered questions, others chimed in, making the conversation a gold mine of insights and ideas on Agile […]