Facebook’s Timehop clone On This Day gets 60 million daily visitors

 A year after blatantly copying Timehop, Facebook’s nostalgia feature is proving how successful big platforms can be when they rip off smaller products. Each day 60 million people visit On This Day, and 155 million have subscribed to its notifications that show your photos, status, updates, and wall posts from this date in years past. Facebook released the data on the one-year anniversary… Read More Social – TechCrunch


Marketing startup Olapic acquires Pinterest-focused Piqora

 Two visual marketing startups are teaming up — Olapic is announcing that it has acquired Piqora. Both companies promise to help businesses promote themselves through user-generated photos, but Olapic co-founder and CEO Pau Sabria said his company’s strength has been on Instagram (which was its initial focus), while Piqora’s has been on Pinterest (ditto). So he sees the… Read More Social – TechCrunch


Instagram beefs up web interface with notifications tab

 Instagram began as a mobile-only service, but now it’s enhancing its web version so you can use the service without opening your phone. Today Instagram rolled out an Activity tab on web that’s identical to the notifications tab inside its app. Here you’ll be able to see who Liked or commented on your posts, or who followed you or tagged you. It’s now available to all… Read More Social – TechCrunch


Twitter celebrates its 10th anniversary with a look back at its most notable moments and more

 It’s hard to believe that Twitter turns 10 years old today, given that still so many people seem to misunderstand its purpose and appeal. Twitter is not Facebook – it’s not a place for socializing among friends, but rather delivers a feed of information that matches up with your own interests. In fact, some of the most notable moments on Twitter are those where the network… Read More Social – TechCrunch

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The death of Instagram for brands

 Earlier this week Instagram updated its news feed algorithm. Posts will no longer appear in chronological order and instead be sorted “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.” What this means is that Instagram will choose what to surface and when – essentially mirroring… Read More Social – TechCrunch


Twitter looks back at the evolution of Twitter Ads

 As part of the flurry of retrospectives tied to Twitter’s tenth anniversary, the company is also looking back at the history of advertising on Twitter. Granted, that probably doesn’t given you the same nostalgic twinkle as Jack setting up his “Twittr”, but like it or not, it’s still an important part of the company’s story. So in a new blog post, Joel… Read More Social – TechCrunch


Algorithmic feeds force us to compete

 Is that photo pretty enough? Is that tweet funny enough? If not, they might not be seen now that Instagram and Twitter are moving to algorithmically sorted feeds. That could spell big problems for marketers and cause our social media lives to be more stressful. To make their apps more consistently interesting, especially for people who don’t check them non-stop, Instagram and Titter… Read More Social – TechCrunch


Jack Dorsey says Twitter is keeping its 140-character limit, but maybe don’t get too excited

 Has Twitter reversed course on plans to increase the character limit on tweets? That’s what you might think when reading the press coverage of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s appearance on The Today Show, but I’m not convinced that there was really a big change of heart. You may recall Re/code’s report in January that Twitter was looking at a “10,000 character limit… Read More Social – TechCrunch


Twitter says few users have opted out of its new, algorithmic timeline

 Despite reports to the contrary, Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline, announced last month, has only now reached all of Twitter’s user base. That being said, the company does have some early data on how well this updated timeline experience has been performing so far. According to the company, few users are choosing to opt out of having their tweets sorted for them automatically.… Read More Social – TechCrunch