Mobli launches Galaxia, a social network that encourages users to create numerous personas

Galaxia main Most social media platforms deter users from creating multiple profiles to prevent shenanigans like harassment and fraud. Galaxia, however, wants people to create a new profile (which it calls a “persona”) for each facet of their identity. Created by photo-sharing network Mobli, the new iOS app (an Android version is in the works) acknowledges that people present different faces… Read More
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Social Media With No Effort: How To Get Followers

You have normally dreamed of owning a company and operating all from your home. The other day you had been discussing this strategy with some mates, and all of us agrees that you simply really should get a Twitter account. That is sensible because Twitter is the many rage now. But the thing you might be wondering is how to get followers.

Twitter can be a social network. So the first things you’ll would like to do will be to obtain […]

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