Will Directory Submissions Work To Get Free Traffic In The Current Year?

When you submit your website or article URL to all the main search engine directories, you’ll get some good back links going back to your site and this helps index and rank your site or article better. Of course all of this means more free traffic back to your site, blog or article. You should submit your website or article URL to the main directories.
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Traditional signals such as Facebook page likes and clicks don’t equate to the best customer engagement strategy. With Facebook’s News Feed algorithm frequently morphing, it’s now relying more on user feedback and surveys to impact story distribution. Unlock the mystery of this black box and other…

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Nintendo’s first smartphone app, a social game called Miitomo, launches in Japan

miitomo As promised last fall, Nintendo has launched its first mobile smartphone application – but it’s not a new Mario game, and the app is for now only available in Japan for the time being. Today, the company unveiled “Miitomo,” a social app that lets users create cartoon-like avatars of themselves – like the “Miis” that Nintendo introduced with the launch… Read More
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Twitter’s algorithmic timeline is now live by default for everyone



A month after Twitter launched its new timeline, which sorts tweets in your feed according to relevancy instead of chronology, the company has quietly turned it on by default. It also appears to be live for all users. 

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Originally launched in February, the new timeline was opt-in, and it was only available to some users. 

Now users are reporting getting a notification that the setting is now opt-out. 

Image: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

The Next Web also noticed that Twitter updated its FAQ last week to include the fact that the new timeline is on by default. It’s no surprise, given that Twitter announced the change would happen “in the coming weeks,” but it’s a big difference, since users now must actively disable the feature to go back to “old” Twitter.  Read more…

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Oh say can you see dating app Bumble’s new political filters



You matched with someone online. He’s interesting to text with, uses the right amount of emoji, and just asked you to your favorite coffee place. 

But then he showed up in a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt, and you have a Bernie 2016 bumper sticker on the back of your Prius. Awkward. 

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Dating app Bumble released politically themed filters Thursday. Users can overlay their profile pictures with the filters. The aim is to put political dealbreakers on full display. 

The filters show support for the Democratic candidates: Read more…

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Twitter kills TweetDeck for Windows, automates log-ins for TweetDeck users

tweetdeck-web Twitter today rolled out a change that will make it easier for users who switch between its desktop application TweetDeck and its website, by no longer requiring users to log in to TweetDeck separately. That is, if users have the Twitter website open and are already logged in, they’ll be able to skip the log-in process on TweetDeck. Related to this news, Twitter says it’s also… Read More
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