Snapchat seamlessly combines video, audio, GIFs, stickers in “Chat 2.0”

Snapchat Chat 2.0 Say what you want, how you want. That’s how Snapchat’s reps say CEO Evan Spiegel describes Chat 2.0, a massive set of new features launching today. It lets private conversations morph between mediums depending on what users want to show or tell, and whether they can speak up or must stay silent. As WhatsApp focuses on simplicity and Facebook Messenger chases commerce, Snapchat… Read More
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Quora’s first acquisition is Arab Spring instigator’s Q&A site Parlio

Parlio “Ex-con” isn’t normally something you find on a founder’s resume. But Google employee Wael Ghonim went to jail for sparking the Egyptian Revolution. Now he might be wearing some golden handcuffs instead, as his startup Parlio just became Quora‘s first acquisition.
Parlio’s goal was to spread knowledge — a similar objective to Quora. But rather than… Read More
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Tinder acquihires Humin to go beyond dating, and get an SF office too

tindermatch Dating app Tinder is acquiring Humin the San Francisco startup which took a high-wire approach to contact management, trying to merge lots of disparate information into one contact app. Terms were undisclosed by TechCrunch understands from multiple sources that this roughly equates to an acqui-hire scenario.
Tinder says it is acquiring Humin’s technology and IP, while the founders and… Read More
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A rant about why Snapchat 2.0 is no disappearing teen fad

Snapchat 2.0 Ignore Snapchat at your own peril. It’s a lot more than sexts and ephemeral photos. Today’s Chat 2.0 update makes Snapchat a competitor to your phone itself. What started as an app for horny high school kids has blossomed into the most vibrant communication platform on the market. Watch my video rant above to see why Snapchat suddenly got a lot more important, see a demo of the… Read More
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$100M Bitstrips acquisition makes sense now that Snapchat has stickers

Bitmoji It didn’t quite add up when Fortune broke the news last week that Snapchat would spend a $ 100 million to acquire Bitstrips, the maker of personalized avatar stickers called Bitmoji. Snapchat didn’t have anywhere to put them. But today, Snapchat launched “Chat 2.0”, a huge product update that includes the ability to send over 200 stickers to friends. Now it’s… Read More
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Vine brings on Hannah Donovan as the new GM

hannahdonovan Vine, the six-second, looping video platform from Twitter, has just hired Hannah Donovan as the new general manager.
Donovan has built her career in product and design leadership. Her most recent position was product lead at Drip, which was recently acquired by Kickstarter.

Some exciting news: I'm joining @vine as GM in May! Absolutely thrilled and humbled to work with this team … Read More
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Pinterest debuts step-by-step How-to Pins from 25+ brands to help keep users around longer

Food&Drink_How-to_Pin As Pinterest continues to ramp up the parts of its business that generate revenues (namely advertising), it’s also expanding the free features that might entice users and brands to linger around for longer and engage more on it’s image-based social network for sharing ideas. Today, Pinterest unveiled a new kind of dynamic Rich Pin called a How-to Pin, which provides… Read More
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Instagram needs editing tools to make new 60-second videos tolerable

Instagram Video stumbles Most people are terrible at shooting video. Any longer than 15-seconds and it will probably be boring. That’s why Instagram capped videos at a quarter-minute when it launched the feature in 2013. Yet today it extended the length to 60 seconds for user-shot or uploaded videos. That’s why I have a hunch that Facebook and Instagram are preparing to launch a more powerful set of… Read More
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Instagrammers really want you to turn on notifications to avoid death by algorithm

Fire Instagram today is an endless sea of meaningless posts asking you to turn on post notifications for each account you follow. Brands and professional Instagrammers are worried that they are going to disappear from your Instagram feed once the company turns on its algorithmic feed. We’ve been there before. When Vine or YouTube switched to an algorithmic feed, brands, YouTubers and Viners… Read More
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Shootlr lets you take a ‘someone-elsie’

Shootlr Selfie 2 What do you call it when you have an app that lets your friends take a photo of you, using your own phone? It’s not a selfie… It’s not a portrait… Let’s call it a someone elsie. Shootlr today launched an iOS and Android app that is attempting to take this brave new frontier of photography to the masses: It enables you to compel your friends to take a selfie for… Read More
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