Instagram starts showing notifications on the Web for all users

Facebook-owned Instagram has begun showing notifications in a new drop-down box on its website. The box shows likes, people who’ve followed you, and friends who have recently started Instagram accounts. The update is available now for everyone, an Instagram spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email. (Hat tip to Rob Poitras for pointing out the update.) […]

Twitter looking to see if stickers are right for its future

Twitter may be jumping into the stickers game. The company is testing a new product called “Stickers,” which will allow you to affix these graphics right onto any photo before you tweet it out. What’s more, it’s said that there’ll also be a feature suggesting other edits that have been made to the same photo, likely […]

Facebook is said to have withdrawn its bid to stream big NFL games

Facebook has withdrawn its bid to stream NFL games, according to Bloomberg. Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, Dan Rose, had previously confirmed to Variety that Facebook was in talks with the NFL about streaming “Thursday Night Football” games. It was competing with other bidders including Amazon and Verizon. Sources told Bloomberg that Facebook “balked” at the […]

Email took an almighty beating this week, but it’s far from dead

ANALYSIS: While 2016 is shaping up to be the year virtual reality and the Internet of Things went mainstream, it could also go down in history as the year email’s much-touted demise cranked into overdrive. At least, if this week’s events are anything to go by. With the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and […]

We need a new username system

GUEST: What do Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and a gazillion other digital platforms have in common? They all treat usernames like a baby treats a diaper instead of the precious and lucrative resource they are. Because usernames are dished out using an archaic first-come, first-served model, early adopters snag the dictionary-friendly handles. Everyone else gets smacked with alphanumeric […]

Google is building YouTube Connect, a livestreaming app to take on Periscope

EXCLUSIVE: Google has quietly been building a new livestreaming app called YouTube Connect, VentureBeat has learned. This service highlights the company’s efforts to double down on live video while also placing it in a position to compete directly against Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. YouTube Connect will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Google did […]

Twitter makes images better for the visually impaired

Twitter is taking a step toward making its service more accessible to visually impaired users. The company is launching support for alternative texts to accompany images across its iOS and Android apps, which means that any image descriptions will be available to those using screen readers. This feature can be used by not only the […]

Miitomo is a clever, Nintendo-like take on Facebook and Line

REVIEW: Nintendo has finally entered the age of smartphones and tablets, and its first app has a lot of interesting features and quirks. Miitomo is out today around the world for iOS and Android, and you can download it now. It is a social network with some light game elements. You spend most of your […]