Aw, Snap: Everything You Need to Know about Snapchat for Business #SMMW17

“Social media evolution is inevitable. All you can do is evolve along with it.” – @carlosgil83Click To Tweet Snapchat is a platform seemingly designed to confuse people of a certain age. Let’s say those of us who were high school age or older when Bill Clinton was president. If you’re in that demographic, you probably didn’t immediately “get” Snapchat’s minimalist UI and self-destructing messages. Even if you’re one of the hip kids snapping away at home, it can be hard to see the business value of the platform. But among the emoji and the rainbow vomiting there’s a huge potential audience. Brands with the right content and strategy are already enjoying success. If your target audience matches the platform’s demographics, it’s time to dive in. At his Social Media Marketing World session, BMC’s Head of Global Social Media Carlos Gil made a compelling case for Snapchat as a marketing tool,…

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Instagram now has 1 million advertisers, will launch business booking tool this year

Instagram announced on Wednesday that it now has 1 million businesses advertising monthly across the photo-sharing app, a 400 percent increase from a year ago. With brands seeing more potential in the creative service, the Facebook-owned company said it’s planning on doing more to help businesses convert sales. Included in the roadmap will be a tool allowing consumers to book appointments directly from Instagram profiles set to roll out “later this year.” More than 600 million people use Instagram worldwide and for various reasons. And while many are likely using it to share photos and videos with friends and followers, others are choosing to catch up with what their favorite brands are doing. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, users can get more out of seeing images of clothing, accessories, devices, locations, venues, and more versus reading about it. Underscoring this trend, Instagram said just within the past month, more than…


5 Business Boosters Guaranteed to Give You a Competitive Advantage

Inside Fizzle there’s a course called “Choosing a Topic.” This is one of our most popular courses, and it’s at the beginning of the roadmap. This course helps people in three different situations starting out on the entrepreneurial path: “I have too many potential business ideas and don’t know how to choose just one.” “I don’t have any ideas, how do I come up with a good one.” “I have my heart set on this one idea, is it any good?” The course guides people through a series of lessons aimed at helping them choose the best business idea for them, based on several essential criteria. One of those essential criterion is something we call “business boosters.” A business booster is something that gives you an advantage over the competition. On today’s episode of The Fizzle Show podcast we discuss five categories of business boosters guaranteed to give you a…

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Current Ideas in Small Business, Q1 2017 (FS206)

We’ve got some articles, some books, some podcasts and some videos that can help you with your vision, motivation, productivity and all the other good stuff you need to succeed in modern indie business. Give the podcast episode a listen if you’re not already subscribed… the context on each of these is fun, inspiring and meaningful. Enjoy! It’s better to listen on the go!    Subscribe on iTunes  Subscribe (how to)   iTunes   Overcast   Pocket Casts   Stitcher   Soundcloud   RSS   “Current Events in Small Business, Q1 2017” Tweet This Steph’s Stuff: 1. I completed Season One of Courage + Clarity! Lots of people listening know we decided to start another podcast under the Fizzle umbrella called Courage & Clarity, which delivers one part inspiration and one part instruction to go after what you love in business and in life. I set out to create 12 episodes of…


5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business

Do your customers message you with questions, comments, or complaints on Facebook? Want to automate the most common customer interactions? Customers expect lightning-fast responses from businesses on Facebook. Chatbots can help you deliver the right answer the moment a customer asks. In this article, you’ll discover five types of Facebook Messenger bots your business can […] This post 5 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Business first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


Local SEO & Beyond: Ranking Your Local Business in 2017

Posted by Casey_Meraz In 2016, I predicted that ranking in the 3-pack was hard and it would continually get more competitive. I maintain that prediction for 2017, but I want to make one thing clear. If you haven’t done so, I believe local businesses should start to look outside of a local-SEO-3-Pack-ONLY focused strategy. While local SEO still presents a tremendous opportunity to grow your business, I’m going to look at some supplementary organic strategies you can take into your local marketing campaign, as well. In this post I’m going to address: How local search has changed since last year Why & how your overall focus may need to change in 2017 Actionable advice on how to rank better to get more local traffic & more business In local search success, one thing is clear The days of getting in the 3-pack and having a one-trick pony strategy are over….

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3 Creative Ways to Use Live Video for Business

Want to add live video to your marketing plan? Wondering how live streaming can increase customer loyalty and engagement? Live video helps you stand out from the competition by making your marketing interactive. In this article, you’ll discover three creative ways to use live video in your social media marketing. #1: Create That Black Friday […] This post 3 Creative Ways to Use Live Video for Business first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


How to Verify a Facebook Page for a Local Business

Is your local business on Facebook? Wondering how to make your Facebook page official? Verifying a local business page adds a layer of legitimacy to your presence and can help customers feel more confident when they engage with you on Facebook. In this article, you’ll discover how to get your local Facebook page verified. Benefits […] This post How to Verify a Facebook Page for a Local Business first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


Must-watch TV shows of 2017 for small business owners

Happy Friday! TGIF! You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again, we’re all “livin’ for the weekend.” And for many, those precious days off are often spent binge-watching Netflix or HBO (Stranger Things or Westworld, anyone?). While we’re no stranger (no pun intended) to the occasional couch-potato phase, we’re still trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions to learn something new, work on that side-hustle, and use our time mindfully. Enter the “productive” TV show. You know, the one that you can watch and feel like you’ve spent the last 30 or 60 minutes unwinding thoughtfully, rather than in a brain-drain. Luckily, even if you’ve already watched every episode of Shark Tank and listened to all the TED Talks, there are still shows to stimulate and entertain the business-minded viewer. Inc. recently published their 9 Top TV Shows Entrepreneurs Should Watch in 2017. From HBO’s satirical Silicon Valley to…