Digital Marketing News: Data by the Minute, Email in 2017 & New Instagram Features

How Much Data is Generated Every Minute? [Infographic] This infographic reveals what happens online every minute. The world internet population now represents 3.7 billion people. The findings on data usage includes social media platforms, video usage and the other most popular data generation websites and apps happening right now. Social Media Today How Email Is Accessed in 2017: Top Devices, Platforms, and Clients The report that was based on 27 billion emails opened between May 2016 and April 2017 highlights the devices on which email is accessed most frequently, the most popular email clients and the most popular email platforms that consumers are using. MarketingProfs Introducing New Features to the Instagram Platform API Brands are now able to access valuable insights in the Instagram API. You can keep track of organic content performance and have access to comment moderation by being able to hide or toggle on and off. To access these new features, you must have a business profile for Facebook. It is available for Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners. Instagram Blog Facebook’s Video Helps Drive $ 9B in Ad Sales, Up 47% AdAge reports: “Facebook ad sales topped $ 9 billion last quarter, proof that its heavy investment in video is paying off, according to industry watchers… Its nearly $ 9.2 billion in ad revenue represented a 47% gain over the period a year earlier.” AdAge Easier Way to Block Comments With Links From Your Videos Video publishers can now block comments that contain links and hashtags with a new setting found in Creator Studio. Once enabled, this setting will hold comments containing links for review before being published. YouTube Help Forum Google Has Dropped Google Instant Search Google Instant showed search results as you type them, and Google has removed the feature from Search. Due to the recent changes in how searchers use mobile, Google decided to get rid of the feature. You will only see search suggestions that you can click on, but will no longer load any result pages without clicking on the suggesting, or hitting enter. Search Engine Land Amazon Launches Spark, A Shoppable Feed of Stories and Photos Aimed at Prime Members Inspired by Instagram’s use of shoppable photos, Amazon launched a new feature called Spark. The feature is available on the Amazon mobile app only for right now. Start by selecting at least 5 interests you want to follow, and with this information, Amazon Spark will create a customized feed of products and ideas of things to learn more about or shop for. TechCrunch Facebook is Now Letting Brands and Media Companies Create Their Own Groups Within Pages Brands and media companies are now able to create their own groups without having to rely on admins to set up the groups from personal accounts. This gives Pages administrators the ability to boost engagement with niche groups, and social media managers more privacy and separation from work. AdWeek What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more top marketing news! Have something to share? Dying for more news? Follow @toprank on Twitter or sound off in the comments.

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Digital Marketing News: Email Marketing Facts, Gen Z Media Usage & Snap Publisher Tool

119 Facts About Email Marketing [Infographic] Discover 119 facts you didn’t know about email marketing including, why email marketing works, biggest email trends for 2017, most common types of emails, most used email marketing tactics, segmentation and personalization, mobile email statistics and more. (MarketingProfs) Gen Z is The Largest, Most Diverse Group of Media Users, According to a New Report From Nielsen A new report from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report for the first quarter of 2017 highlights how unique and diverse Gen Z is in media consumption. This report shows a device ownership and other technology breakdown by generation, and why Gen Z is more able to adapt to new technologies than other generations. (AdWeek) Snap Inc. Launches ‘Snap Publisher’ Ad Creation Tool Snap Inc. recently launched a new self-serve ad tool to encourage more advertising spend, which is now global, instead of limited to certain regions. A new creation platform was also announced to launch soon called Snap Publisher. This new platform offers templates to create ads and simply upload your brand logo, tagline, content and video. (Social Media Today) Ask A Question, Get an Answer in Google Analytics If you know what data you need, and want it quickly, just ask Google Analytics and get your answer. This new voice feature uses the same natural language processing technology as other Google products like Android and Search, and will be available in English to all Google Analytics users over the next few weeks. (Google Analytics Solutions Blog) Work Smarter and Stay Connected with the New LinkedIn App for Windows 10 The new LinkedIn app for Windows 10 gives LinkedIn members more options for how they connect with their professional network. The app is for desktop users and includes many features to make it easier to connect and full control to customize your experience while using the app. (LinkedIn Official Blog) Google News Feed Now With Machine Learning & Follow Buttons Google Search is now making it easier to discover, explore and stay connected to what matters most to you. You can follow topics based on search queries that helps Google understand what you’re interested in, and your news feed will be based on your interactions with Google. (Search Engine Roundtable) Facebook Always Wins: Data Shows Publishers Are Buying Far More Facebook Traffic Publishers are buying more traffic from the platform despite declining organic reach and monetization issues. The average number of paid monthly impressions from Facebook over the last 18 months has doubled, and publishers are using Facebook to distribute content profitably to achieve their business goals. (DigiDay) Google Expands Home Service Ads to More Markets, More Business Categories Google’s Home Services ad product is now available for more business categories in more cities than before. As a customer of this service, your ads can be featured at the top of SERPs with added trust and prestige due to the strict qualifying criteria that advertisers must meet to publish their ads. (Search Engine Journal) What were your top online marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more news! Need more in the meantime? Follow @toprank on Twitter.

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Digital Advertising Tips: 5 Scenarios Perfect for Pay-to-Play Tactics

In today’s competitive and content-saturated digital landscape, it’s no secret that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to connect, engage and inspire action from our audiences using only “free” or organic marketing tactics.

As a result, digital advertising, often dubbed “pay-to-play” by marketers, is steadily on the rise. In fact, last fall, eMarketer forecasted that digital advertising spend would surpass TV ad spending for the first time in history by the end of 2016. And that trend is definitely expected to continue.

However, despite rising ad spend, consumers are actively avoiding our ads, according to a 2016 HubSpot Research report. For example, four out of five consumers reported that they closed a browser or exited a website because of an autoplaying ad or a pop up.

So what’s a marketer to do? As HubSpot so eloquently put it: “Marketers who want to connect with potential customers must supplement their target’s online experience, not interrupt it.”

To me, this means leveraging digital advertising when it makes sense and executing it in a way that enhances user experience. With that said, below I offer a handful of scenarios perfect for pay-to-play tactics, and tips for making them resonate—rather than repel—your target audience.

#1 – When you want to maximize the reach of top-performing content.

Chances are that your team has a huge portfolio of existing content—and some of those pieces are likely driving continuous traffic and engagement, and—depending on the content type—leads. As TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden often says: “Content isn’t King. It’s the Kingdom.” So why not get the most out of the kingdom you’ve built?

Identify high-flying pieces of content at every stage of the sales funnel, and give them a refresh if needed. Depending on where the content falls in the funnel, use your audience knowledge or customer personas to select your advertising channels and targeting options. In addition, created tailored and channel-optimized messaging for each piece you want to promote.

For example, when it comes to choosing your channels, if you want to promote an attract-level, how-to blog post, you might choose a sponsored post option on Facebook or promoted tweets on Twitter. If you’re looking to promote an engage-level white paper, you could choose to go with an account targeting campaign on LinkedIn.

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#2 – When you need to drive action under a tight deadline.

Are you hosting a webinar in the near future? Or are you hoping to drive “last-minute” registrations for an upcoming event your company is hosting? If so, digital advertising is a huge opportunity to create buzz and drive targeted traffic to your signup pages.

As always, use your audience knowledge or customer personas to help you select the right channels and targeting options, as well as craft personalized and compelling messaging. In addition, launch your campaign with multiple versions of your ads. This not only helps reduce the fatigue users could feel after seeing the same ad over and over, but gives you the opportunity to see what’s working and what’s not so you can make tweaks. After all, this is a short-term campaign, so you’ll want the ability to quickly make adjustments that will inspire action from your target audience.

#3 – When you’re fighting for search visibility in a competitive industry.

Driving search traffic is always an important objective for any marketer. But for those working in competitive industries, especially those battling well-established brands for search rankings, organic tactics may not be enough and a paid search campaign focused on top keywords may be out of budget. But, as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way, according to TopRank Marketing Digital Advertising & SEO Manager Steve Slater.

“If you have a tough road for organic SEO ahead of you, you can look at creating content around super long-tail, informational queries and bidding on them [in AdWords],” he said. “Oftentimes these queries are cheap and they can drive traffic to your site.”

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#4 – When you’ve created awesome influencer content.

From influencer research and nurturing to creating the glorious finished product, any piece of influencer content you’ve created has likely required quite a bit of work—and you absolutely want to see it reach its full potential. Digital advertising can help you maximize your reach—which can benefit your organization and the influencers you’ve worked hard to cultivate relationships with.

For example, let’s say you created an eBook featuring insights and tips from 15 industry experts. The influencers have the unique industry expertise and audience following that made them a perfect fit for the content. One way to promote your eBook, as well as take advantage of your influencers social audience, is to craft a paid Twitter campaign that specifically targets your influencers’ followers who exhibit specific behaviors such as demographics, company size or interests.

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#5 – When you’re a startup.

Whether you’re a niche startup or looking to break into a competitive industry, digital advertising can help jump start your digital marketing efforts—and even deliver some quick wins.

For many startups, gaining brand awareness is often a key initiative out of the gate. According to Slater, leveraging Google Display Network is a great option because of its targeting capabilities and its affordability.

“It gives you the ability to create multiple ads at scale with the ad builder tool,” he said. “You can even create responsive ads at scale—something that’s a great option for startups that don’t have the budget for a graphic designer.”

In addition, you can target the website that you want your display ads to be placed on by keyword topic. Or if you want to level up your targeting, you can use affinity audiences—or even create custom affinity audiences,” Slater added. “All this to say, the display network is a pretty affordable way to get your brand in front of your potential audience.”

Are These the Only Scenarios Fit for Digital Advertising?

Absolutely not. Digital advertising can be a staple part of your ongoing integrated digital marketing strategy. From TopRank Marketing’s perspective, the continuous work you put into building organic awareness and engagement through creating great content, thought leadership and an awesome experience is your foundation. This is how you begin to build your brand from the ground up—and that has staying power.

But adding digital advertising—whether it be paid social, paid search, remarketing or sponsored content, or a combination of paid tactics—into the mix can be the icing on the cake or a leading tactic. It just needs to make sense for your industry, audience, business objectives and budget.

In what situations have you had the most digital advertising success? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Digital Marketing News: ROI Acronyms, Google Ranking Factors and Twitter’s New Look

The Hipster’s Guide to ROI [Infographic] Marketing lingo has expanded and with all of the acronyms, it’s hard to decipher and differentiate combinations of letters. This infographic will show you the most common acronyms and esoteric language related to marketing ROI, giving you an explanation of what they are and why they matter. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog) SEMrush Ranking Factors Study 2017 Google ranking factors constantly updates with every major algorithm change. In this report, the 12 most substantial and controversial factors (including website visits, pages per session and content) were chosen to show what impacts search results and to identify consistent patterns in the ranking mechanism that could be helpful to the SEO community. (SEMrush) Check Out Our New Look! Twitter has listened to the feedback from its users and have made some updates to the design. Some of the new features include: Typography has been refined to be more consistent with bolder headlines and rounded profile photos, Tweets are now updated instantly on the mobile app with replies, retweets and like counts so you can see real-time conversations and links to articles and websites now open in Safari’s viewer in iOS so you can easily access accounts on websites you’re already signed into. (Twitter Blog) LinkedIn Adds Images in Comments, New Opportunities for Job Listings There have been many small yet impactful new updates to LinkedIn recently, due to audience demand. One new feature is you can now add images into comments on posts within the LinkedIn platform. Another boost for LinkedIn is Google’s new tool which helps people find jobs directly through Google search, which sorts through various listings, including LinkedIn. (Social Media Today) Instagram Stories Now Has 250 Million Daily Active Users, Heating Up Its Rivalry With Snapchat Instagram Stories is the section of disappearing posts, which recently pulled ahead of Snapchat with an increase of 50 million users in just two months. Instagram also announced that users are now allowed to replay live video instead of it immediately disappearing. (AdWeek) Google’s Job Listings Search is Now Open to All Job Search Sites & Developers Google is now offering a formal path for outsiders to add job listings in Google search. Although it doesn’t have an official name, it’s part of the Google for Jobs initiative. You can also track how well your job listings are doing in Google search with a new filter in the Search Analytics report in the Google Search Console. (Search Engine Land) Oh, How Pinteresting! Pinterest rolled out a fresh new look for Lens, and instead of only being able to recreate your favorite restaurant dishes at home, Lens can now recognize and recommend outfit ideas including shoes, shirts, hats and other styles. The new interface and built-in tools make it easy to Lens the world around you. (Pinterest Blog) The Most Important Skills for B2B Tech Marketers B2B technology marketers rely on many skills for their niche market. The most important skills among Millennials, Generation Xers and Baby Boomers were soft skills, including communication and people management and writing skills. Others included digital media marketing and content marketing. (MarketingProfs) What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more top digital marketing news stories. Craving more news in the meantime? Check out TopRank Marketing on Twitter @toprank!

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Digital Marketing News: Content Is Still King, Purchases from Email, B2B Tech Influencer Marketing

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Content is Still King in 2017 [Infographic] The way content marketing draws attention and helps build genuine relationships with the audience is what sets it apart from other marketing tactics. Smart marketers are using content marketing to approach their target audience in a more subtle way to ensure the customer needs are met while building brand credibility and trust. (Social Media Today) What Influences Consumers to Purchase From Marketing Emails? A recent survey conducted of 1,004 consumers who have received marketing emails in the past year reports how the different generations are influenced in their purchase decisions. Consumers are most influenced to make purchases from marketing emails by sales/discounts and brand reputation. (MarketingProfs) The Rise of Influencer Marketing in B2B Technology B2B marketing has definitely shifted with new challenges when it comes to influencer marketing in enterprise technology. To better understand these shifts and get actionable solutions, 10 industry experts have weighed in about implementing and scaling influencer marketing. (Traackr) Click here for the Influence 2.0 study from today’s video! See How You Stack Up With Inline Competitive Metrics Six new metrics are available at the campaign, ad group and keyword levels in the main UI and Reports tab in Bing Ads. You can also access these reports via the Bing Ads API. Advertisers can now see how their campaigns, Ad groups and keywords stack up against the competition. (Bing Ads Blog) Google to Stop Using Information in Gmail to Target Personalized Ads Google announced that the enterprise version of Gmail and the consumer version will more closely align later this year. Both enterprise and consumer versions of Gmail will not be used to target personalized ads. The ads shown will be based on a user’s settings, including the option to disable personalized ads altogether. (Search Engine Journal) New Ways to Protect Your Pinterest Account Pinterest is rolling out a two-factor authentication to everyone in the next few weeks to add security by requiring a verification code every time you log in. You can receive the code via text message, or for added security, download Twilio’s Authy app. If the two-factor authentication is enabled, it works across your entire account on all devices. (Pinterest Blog) Adobe Is Launching AI-Powered Voice Analytics Adobe is adding voice analytics to the Adobe Analytics Cloud which will help people better understand how media is consumed via voice-enabled devices. You can track voice usage by intent and add specific parameters and a brand can measure top-of-funnel metrics, as well as trends and patterns at scale over time. (AdWeek) Messenger Just Added More Fun to Your Video Chats Facebook Messenger has added new features to video chats. You can now use animated reactions, filters, masks and effects. You can also take pictures of your one-on-one and group video chats and share them with your friends. (Facebook Newsroom) What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more top digital marketing news. For more news and expert insights, follow @toprank on Twitter!

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Digital Marketing News: Sustainable Social, Mobile Search Makeover and The Hiring Climate

How to Build a Sustainable Social Marketing Strategy [Infographic] Maximize your marketing efforts by understanding core best practices including, emphasize visual content, use infographics if you’re a B2B brand and avoid clickbait titles. This infographic also shows stats that will help you understand audience behaviors and interests on social media. (Social Media Today) Google is Testing a New Design for Mobile Search Results Google is testing a new design for both paid and organic search results. Some changes include the URL is now at the top of search cards, there are fewer ads and more color has been added to organic search cards. (Search Engine Journal) The Marketing and Advertising Hiring Climate Recent research shows that most marketing and advertising executives expect to keep the size of their creative staff steady in the second half of 2017. Get insight into hiring plans for full-time creative employees, hiring priorities for specific positions and the most challenging areas for companies to fill for the second half of the year. (Marketing Profs) Fun fact: TopRank Marketing happens to be in the 9% of marketing companies expanding their team in the second half of 2017! Visit our careers page to learn more.  Facebook is Testing the Addition of Pages’ Descriptions to Their Cover Images Facebook has confirmed that it is testing Pages’ descriptions to their cover images. Right now, the feature is desktop-only, and descriptions can be up to 100 characters. Text can be edited via the Edit Information option on the cover image. (AdWeek) Snapchat Lets You Add Links, Voice Filters and Backdrops to Snap With Paperclip, you can attach a website to a Snap and your friends can swipe up to open the link in Snapchat’s internal browser. The Backdrops feature lets you cut out an object from your Snap and put a colorful pattern behind it to make it stick out, and Voice Filters let you change the sound of voices in your Snaps. (Tech Crunch) Google Posts are Removed After 7 Days, With One Exception Most Google posts are removed 7 days after they are first published. The exception is posts that are based on local events. These posts are removed after the event date. Google Posts allows brands to share timely messages with their customers, which show up in the local panel on a web search and Google Maps. (Search Engine Land) Introducing Photo and Video Replies to Stories You can now reply to Stories with a photo or a video. With access to any creative tools in the camera, including face filters, stickers and Rewind, you can be more fun and playful in your responses. Just like with other replies, you’ll see the reply in your inbox. (Instagram Blog) YouTube Heats Up VR Market YouTube is promoting the development and creation of VR videos with new resources and tools that help developers and make VR more attractive for marketing. YouTube has also extended applications for intensive training at VR Creator Lab. (DM News) What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more news from the wide world of digital marketing. If you’re craving more news and insights, follow @toprank on Twitter!

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Digital Marketing News: Short Attention Spans, Instagram Retargeting and LinkedIn Notifications

The Short Attention Span Solution for Marketers (Hint: It’s Email) [Infographic] Email subscribers are spending more time reading the emails they receive. This infographic looks at email analytics over the past 6 years, and includes statistics and research on how email has evolved, how consumers interact with email and tips to optimize your emails for readers with short attention spans. (HubSpot) Facebook Adds Instagram Retargeting Options to Custom Audience Facebook’s Business Manager has added 3 new retargeting options for Instagram that appears under the “Engagement” objective when creating a custom audience. Video lets you create a list of people based on how long they watched your video, lead form creates a list of people who have opened, completed or started a form and Instagram business profile creates a list of anyone who’s interacted with your profile page. (Social Media Today) New Notifications Features to Stay Up-to-Date on Your Network and Your Activity The LinkedIn notifications tab has added new features to customize your notifications including a daily rundown to help you stay current on top news for the day, search appearances where you’ll receive a weekly notification of how many people found you from a LinkedIn search and now you can personalize your notification settings on mobile and desktop. (LinkedIn Official Blog) Google Image Search Can Now Display Results for Videos Video images are now included on Google Image Search with the help of structured data markup. You can watch the video from the image by clicking the “Watch” button, which will open the video in the YouTube App. Right now, it is only available for YouTube videos. (Search Engine Journal) Bing Adds ‘Popular Content’ Search Results Snippet Section A new feature has been added to the search results page in Bing called, “Popular Content”. It acts as a carousel-like feature where you can click the right arrow to see more options. This new feature shows you popular content sections for the website or web page. (Search Engine Land) Facebook is Getting Ready to Test Paid Subscriptions With Publications Facebook is moving ahead to let people subscribe to publications through Instant Articles, although nothing is final yet. This will support publications like The New York Times and The Economist, who have metered paywalls, by allowing access to subscriber data so they can better understand their audience. The publisher will also have full control over pricing. (Digiday) Twitter Just Added Several Advanced Filters So Users Can Control Their Notifications Twitter now allows users more control over the notifications they receive from the social network, including new accounts, accounts you don’t follow and don’t follow you, accounts with default profile photos and accounts without a confirmed email address or phone number. (AdWeek) Majority of Marketers Still Struggle with Adaptive Marketing, Per CMO Council A study based on the survey results of more than 150 senior marketing executives polled during Q2 of 2017 reports many findings including, most important marketing mix component, adaptive marketing performance, global market requirements and solutions to gain a better understanding of markets. (MediaPost) What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more digital marketing news and updates! If you’re looking for more in the meantime, follow @toprank on Twitter.

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Digital Marketing News: Marketing Personalization, Google Website Builder and Bing Ads

Four Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization [Infographic] Personalization is a priority for many marketers to better reach and engage with their audience. This infographic shares statistics and 4 easy steps to create content experiences that resonate with your audience and provide valuable and personalized information. MarketingProfs Google Releases A Website Builder for Small Businesses A new tool called “Website”, is a single-page website builder that is free and allows small business owners to create and edit websites in minutes, either on desktop or mobile. This feature is an extension of Google My Business, meaning you have to have a complete GMB listing to use the tool. Search Engine Journal The Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques This is an updated study, originally conducted in 2004, to understand how consumers respond to online advertisements today. Participants were shown different types of advertisements and rated how much they liked or disliked them. The results show the most (and least) “hated” online advertisements for both mobile and desktop platforms, and some of the characteristics remained the same as the early 2000’s. Nielsen Norman Group Data-Inspired Guides to B2B Sales & Marketing Lead Generation Targeting the right leads at the right time is one of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers, and this report shows you insights on lead generations, how quality data can optimize demand generation programs and ways to shorten the modern sales cycle. Dun & Bradstreet Bing Ads: Opt Out of Displaying Ads on Desktop Advertisers can completely opt out of desktop displayed ads by now setting their bids to -100%. This is a new feature that is aimed to support mobile-only campaigns and allows advertisers to set negative bids for desktops. It will be available to all advertisers in the next few weeks, and is supported by Bing Ads Web Interface, Bing Ads Editor for Mac and Windows and Bing Ads API. Search Engine Journal Snapchat Opens Self-Serve Ad Platform, Provides New Ad Creation Tools and Options Advertisers can now create and purchase their own Snapchat ads via a new dashboard. You can also use Snapchat audiences, which includes lookalikes, Audience Match options and Snap Lifestyle categories which use in-app data and location-tracking to reach audiences with more relevant messaging. Lastly, the Snap Publisher tool allows advertisers to create Snap ads with pre-designed templates, which will be available in the near future. Social Media Today Twitter is Testing a Way to Let Users Know What’s ‘Happening Now’ Twitter’s new module at the top of a user’s timeline showcase popular events that are occurring, such as sports. You can click on a card to see a timeline of tweets related to those events. This feature is still in experimentation phase, but could be launched soon. AdWeek Introducing the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly: Q1 2017 These insights will appear after the close of every quarter which uses LinkedIn data to examine what content LinkedIn members are engaging with on the platform. Categories included in this report are top topics, top articles, top growth topics and advertising and engagement topics and articles. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more top digital marketing news! Need daily news? Follow @toprank on Twitter!

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Digital Marketing News: Visual Content Guide, Cost of Influencer Marketing and Google Ad Filters

A Guide to Visual Content for Social Media [Infographic] Visuals are an essential component of any social media strategy. This infographic shares some tips from top experts to provide you with the knowledge and tools to create and amplify visuals on social channels and increase brand visibility. (Social Media Today) What Influencer Marketing Really Costs Many people understand what influencer marketing is and how it can impact their brand, but few understand the cost. Here is pricing information from agencies, talent agents and the social influencers themselves for Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube pricing. Cost is based on many factors including campaign length and price per follower. (Digiday) New Google Ad Filter Frightens Some Publishers and Ad Tech Players Google plans to build an ad filter into Google Chrome that will prevent pages from showing ad formats that are determined to be too intrusive. The Coalition for Better Ads will be monitoring these ads. While the intention is to protect users from being bombarded with annoying ads, it may hurt the ad publishers by putting the power into Google’s hands. (AdAge) LinkedIn Will Now Rewrite Your Profile For You (Seriously) LinkedIn has a new feature called the “Suggested Summary” tool that will provide you with keywords and phrases to help you get noticed by your target audience. Just by having 40 or more words in your summary ensures you show up in search results, and by using the keywords and phrases from this new tool are also indexed into LinkedIn’s massive search engine. (Business2Community) Google Has Officially Rolled Out a New Tab-Based Local Panel with Quick Access to Reviews Google has rolled out a new user experience for the local panel in mobile search results. This means you can now quickly toggle between local business’s overview details and reviews for the business, making it easier to get information about the particular business. (Search Engine Land) 2017 Social Media Marketing Trends: Top B2B and B2C Networks and Paid Channels Social media marketing is widely used in business, and Facebook is still the most valued and most used social network channel for both B2B and B2C brands. This report shares commonly used social platforms and the most important paid social media channel for B2B and B2C. (MarketingProfs) Snapchat Acquires Location-Based Data Company to Ramp Up Mobile Measurement Placed is an advertising data player that uses opt-in mobile panels to track foot traffic to stores. The location-focused company will still operate independently, but Placed will also report to Snap’s CSO, Imran Khan. The companies will put data sharing, privacy and security guidelines in place to separate advertiser data. (AdWeek) Facebook Adds Templates for Canvas Ads, Extends iAd-like Format to Collections Facebook rolled out three new templates where advertisers can create Canvas ads to achieve certain business objectives: get new customers, more in-depth look into a particular product or service and sell products. Also, a Canvas post can act as the main creative showpiece in a shoppable Collection ad. (Marketing Land) What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We’ll be back next week with more digital marketing news. Have something to add? Leave a note in the comments to Tweet to @toprank.

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Digital Marketing News: Facebook Domination, Google Snippets & Twitter Sponsored Live Video

Facebook Remains the Dominant Social Platform [Infographic]
In North America, Facebook still gets more traffic than any other social media platform. In this infographic, you’ll discover statistics on loyalty, growth and reciprocity to understand why Facebook is essential for advertisers and news publishers.(Social Media Today)

Another Study Shows How Featured Snippets Steal Significant Traffic from the Top Organic Result
A new study by Ahrefs found that when a featured snippet is present on a Google page, the first organic result received a significant drop in click-through-rate (CTR). Learn who has the highest amount of featured snippets, how it affects search results and what triggers featured snippets. (Search Engine Land)

Snapchat Moves to Create a Safer Environment for Brands
Snapchat has partnered with Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify and Moat to better address brand safety. Procedures will be more closely monitored to block inappropriate ads from appearing next to user-generated content. (Advertising Age)

Visual Content and Social Media Marketing: New Research
People have been consuming information visually since the beginning of time, and because it’s familiar, visual content should be included in social media marketing. In this study, you’ll learn why visuals are important, the types of visuals marketers should focus on and actionable takeaways to create more compelling visuals to capture your audience. (Social Media Examiner)

Twitter Adds New Features as It Experiments With Sponsored Live Video
Twitter aims to find new ways for people to access live video by experimenting with concert promotion, where a reminder button prompts users to set an alert with a countdown clock. A push notification will be sent once the concert is live. This is part of a larger picture in which Twitter helps brands find opportunities to work with live video experiences. (Adweek)

Google Introduces ‘Buy’ Button in Beta Program
Google now allows merchants to add a “buy” button to search ads, but since the program is still in beta, merchants must first qualify. Buyers can now purchase a product from Google search if they also use Google Wallet, and by clicking the “buy” button, they will be taken to a Google-hosted page to complete the purchase. (Search Engine Journal)

PlaceIQ Making Location Intelligence More Accessible With New ‘LandMark’ Tool
LandMark, a new platform recently launched by PlaceIQ, makes location data and related insights easily accessible to brands. The platform is a license or subscription-based tool that’s primary use is business and customer intelligence. (Marketing Land)

What Advertisers Look for in Video Content Platforms
Measurement and reporting are top priorities for brands when deciding which platforms to run pre-roll video ads on. This report looks at engagement, viewability and audience delivery and found that 68% of respondents say social networks are important channels for running digital video ad campaigns. (MarketingProfs)

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