Set up your email campaign: VerticalResponse’s new editor makes it easy

Our new email editor gives you more freedom to change the layout and individual design elements of your campaigns. To introduce all of the updates and help you start sending emails today, we’ve created a series of how-to guides. In this edition, we show you how to create a contact list and schedule campaigns. Creating an email list Before you can send your first email campaign, you’ll need to set up your distribution list. To get started, log into your account and click Contacts in the top menu. Then click the Create new list button. Next, give your list a descriptive name that indicates who is on the list or the purpose of the list, such as “newsletter,” “promotion,” or “new subscribers.” From here, you have the option of creating a list in four different ways: uploading a file, adding email addresses manually, dragging and dropping a file from your computer,…


How We Increased Our Email Response Rate from ~8% to 34%

Posted by STMartin It’s no secret that reply rate is the golden metric of email campaigns. The reason is obvious. As opposed to open and click rate, reply rate tracks how many recipients were interested (or annoyed) enough to actually write you back. For guest blogging and email outreach, your reply rate will determine your campaign’s success. We still believe that guest blogging is a great opportunity to improve your site’s link profile and brand exposure. However, the time-investment needed in prospecting/email outreach can leave you questioning its ROI. It doesn’t often make sense to spend 3 hours prospecting and emailing different opportunities to get only 3 replies. So how do you make all your prospecting and emailing worth your while? Simple: Boost your reply rate to generate more “opportunities won” in the same timeframe. The pain point: Time At Directive Consulting, we rely on guest posting for our most…

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This email newsletter is required reading for the resistance in Trump’s America

After just three weeks with Donald Trump in office it’s hard to keep track of his tweets, appointments, executive orders and latest conflicts of interest.  But a daily email newsletter has emerged to help keep everyone’s heads from spinning off trying to keep up. Most importantly it answers the perpetual question of “WTF just happened today?” And it’s called just that: What the Fuck Just Happened Today. SEE ALSO: Twitter accounts form digital army in resistance against Trump What started as a blog post for Seattle-based product manager Matt Kiser to keep track of the latest antics of the Trump administration has turned into a daily newsletter with more than 43,000 subscribers. Read more… More about Email, News, Donald Trump, Resist, and Resistance Social Media


Behind the scenes at VerticalResponse: Designing the new email editor

Have you heard? We’ve just released a new email editor that makes customizing and sending campaigns easier than ever. If you’re curious about the change and wondering what to expect from this update, we have a treat for you. We’re pulling back the curtain with a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the new editor — from vision to launch. We talked to Senior Product Manager Patrick Khajehtoorian to get the lowdown on some of the exciting features and how they were designed. Q: Can you tell us a little about your team and what you do? A: We have about 15 developers, and we build features for email. We’re very focused on email automation, personalization, recommendations, and building great, responsive emails. Our focus for 2017 is to help customers grow and build their lists, engage their contacts through email, and track the conversion rates of their campaigns. But in general, we…


Busted: The worst email subject lines, ever!

Successful email subject lines — the ones that inspire readers to click on them — are eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and tempting. But there are also annoying, boring, careless, lazy, desperate, or (worst of all) deceiving subject lines that give all other hardworking subject lines a bad rap. The purpose of crafting enticing subject lines in your email marketing efforts is to achieve an open, which could eventually lead to a sale. There are good and bad ways to go about gaining it. Let’s bust the worst subject lines ever and kick these 15 bad habits to the curb: THE ALL CAPS SCREAMER — It’s tempting to write a word in all caps to emphasize importance; that said, all caps come across as if you’re SCREAMING! And, that’s the last thing you want to do to a current or potential customer. To highlight something, consider using one exclamation point or words/phrases like “New,” “Last Day,”…


Fresh start for 2017: 8 steps to spiffing up your email campaign

Are your email marketing campaigns hitting a stalemate? Maybe your open or click-through rates are dropping off, your content is lacking pizzazz, or your subject lines are sounding more clichéd than clever. You’re far from alone if your campaign needs a refresh from time to time. Not only are your marketing themes and techniques bound to evolve along with shifts within your business and industry, but continually doing things the same way lulls readers into complacency. Scientists theorize that the human brain releases dopamine when it’s successfully able to pick out patterns in the information it’s receiving. But once those patterns become too familiar, the dopamine is reduced, driving us to seek out input that’s less familiar. “Our brains actually need stimulation, and they especially need novelty,” explains Adam Sinicki on Healthguidance.org. “This is what allows our brains to maintain their plasticity and flexibility, it encourages neurogenesis (the birth of new brain…


Sneak Peek: The New VerticalResponse Email Editor!

Here at VerticalResponse, we’re committed to helping you create and send professional-looking email campaigns that reflect your business perfectly. To make that process faster and more intuitive than ever, we’ve launched a new, easy-to-use email editor. With this update, customizing the look and feel of your campaigns is a breeze! What’s new? The new editor offers more freedom to alter the design and layout of emails. It does this with these key features: Pre-formatted content blocks. Easily add, move, and swap content elements within your email by clicking the block or element you want to change. Preview mode. See how your email will look if viewed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, as well as how it will look when your reader holds a mobile device vertically or horizontally. Free in-app image library and editing. Enhance your email’s appearance with a free image or graphic from our library. Once you’ve made your…