SearchCap: Google Image search change, WSJ first click free & new Google ad extensions

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Win Free Tickets to Social Media Marketing World 2017

Want to win a free ticket to the industry’s largest social media marketing conference of the year? Social Media Examiner has been working hard to bring you our fifth annual physical conference. And we’ve come up with a fun way for you to get involved. First, what is this event? Social Media Marketing World 2017 […] This post Win Free Tickets to Social Media Marketing World 2017 first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


Don’t Ever Launch an Overlay Without This Checklist [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Did you know I’m psychic? It’s true. Your favourite color is orange. You once lived on Chestnut Lane. You’ve googled “email best practices” at some point in your marketing career. Okay, so one out of three ain’t bad — amirite? The point is, best practices are important to marketers. Whether it’s email, landing pages or social media, best practices provide a jumping off point for a lot of what we do. And guess what, overlays — whether you’re already using them or thinking about using them — are no exception. Overlays can sometimes get a bad rap for being intrusive or irrelevant. Often, though, these UX offenders are simply not designed or targeted with best practices in mind. So, before you launch a new overlay… Download the 24-Point Overlay Checklist Never launch another mediocre overlay. hbspt.forms.create({ css: ”, portalId: ‘722360’, formId: ‘dd8cdf51-b9ff-4242-8c56-8f44b504abfe’, target: ‘#cta-hb’, onFormReady: function() { if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf(‘Win’)!=-1) {…


Get a Jump-Start on 2017 with These Free Webinars

If you’re like me, your inbox is a mix of professional emails sprinkled with a dash of webinars and a touch of ebooks. Sometimes, I’ll open one of these hyper-actionable and insightful emails, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t follow through (despite my good intentions). The truth is, even if I carve out time during the day, I focus on what needs to be accomplished now, and often that doesn’t include improving my marketing skills for the future. There, I said it. Now that I’ve revealed the truth, I have to admit that operating this way will only get me so far. Which is why this holiday season, I’m taking advantage of some much-needed free time to level up my conversion marketing skills. And you can too! 

We’ve handpicked some of our most actionable webinars, filled with expert advice that will not only help you increase your…


12 Proven Ways to Convert With Overlays [FREE EBOOK]

90-97% of visitors to your website won’t convert. I know… a little piece of my soul dies every time I think about it, too. [Queue Morgan Freeman narrator voice] But not all hope is lost. Marketers everywhere are using overlays to get more conversions from their existing website traffic — without running more campaigns, increasing their budget or redesigning their site. And in our latest ebook, 12 Proven Ways to Convert With Overlays, we spill all their juicy secrets. (Okay, maybe not the one about what happened in Vegas.) Get more conversions from your website traffic This ebook will teach you how real companies are using overlays to score more subscribers, sales leads and sales — and how you can start planning your own overlay campaigns today. hbspt.forms.create({ css: ”, portalId: ‘722360’, formId: ‘5b097a68-8725-4e13-a90e-b1f86f578cb1’, target: ‘#cta-hb’, onFormReady: function() { if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf(‘Win’)!=-1) { $ (‘.hs-form select’).click(function(event) { $ (‘.hs-form select .hs-input…

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How to Automatically Reshare Your Social Media Updates Using Free Tools

Want to save time by scheduling and reposting your social media posts? Interested in free tools to help? In this article, you’ll discover how to use IFTTT and Google Calendar to publish and repeat your social media posts for as long as you want. #1: Create a Google Calendar for Your Content We all have […] This post How to Automatically Reshare Your Social Media Updates Using Free Tools first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

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Facebook Eyes Free Basics Launch in U.S. (Report)

Facebook’s has brought its Free Basics application with free Internet services to underdeveloped countries worldwide, and now it may be coming to the most developed country. Brian Fung of The Washington Post reported that the social network has been in discussions with government officials and wireless carriers to bring Free Basics stateside. According to Fung, the U.S. version of Free Basics would be aimed at low-income and rural Americans who lack access to reliable broadband connections, either at home or via mobile devices, and the app would give them free access to services such as news, health information and job listings. Fung also reported that Facebook has yet to engage in talks with major wireless carriers, instead focusing on smaller providers. Facebook issued the following statement to Fung: While we have nothing to announce, Facebook’s mission is to connect the world, and we’re always exploring ways to do that, including in the…


10 Landing Page Design Examples With Conversion Rates [FREE LOOKBOOK]

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend planning a marketing campaign, building a landing page or tweaking an ad. At the end of the day, only one thing defines whether your work is successful or not: your conversion rate. So understandably, marketers are often asking us, “What is a good conversion rate, anyway?” It’s natural to feel anxious about whether your conversion rate is measuring up to that of your peers. We all feel it. We usually avoid answering this because… frankly, it depends on many variables: the offer, industry and traffic source, among others. But for our latest Landing Page Lookbook, we found 10 brave marketers (who happen to be Unbounce customers) that were willing to share their beautiful landing page designs along with their conversion rates and other relevant info: industry, traffic sources, target audience, campaign specs. To top it all off, we’ve got some tips to offer…


How to Build a Business that Sets You Free, with Sol Orwell

Startup, raise money, cash out, repeat. That’s the narrative that Silicon Valley feeds you. Problem is, that approach is not only statistically rare, it’s rarely successful. Most venture-backed companies fail, plain and simple. On the other hand, we have the narrative of the typical small business owner. Long hours for long years in order to create a meaningful business and an enduring legacy. But what if you took a different approach? What if you started a business that supported you while you walk away to enjoy life? And when the urge strikes you to start the next thing, you do it — simply because that’s what you want to do. Sounds liberating, right? That’s the approach taken by serial entrepreneur Sol Orwell, co-founder of Rather than positioning himself as indispensable to the organizations he creates, Sol works to make himself redundant, and then trusts his second-in-command to run things…


The 6 Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers And Should You Really Use Them?

You are next entrepreneur or professional blogger and I don’t want you to ruin your career by choosing free hosting for WordPress. I recommend you to go for inexpensive WordPress hosting because free hosts are very limiting and can suspend your site at any time.. I personally use and recommend Bluehost WordPress hosting. You canContinue Reading The post The 6 Best Free WordPress Hosting… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] All Blogging Tips