Kendall Jenner appeared on the cover of ‘Vogue India’ and people had a LOT to say


So, Kendall Jenner appeared on the May issue of Vogue India that celebrates the magazine’s 10th anniversary, and people can’t handle it. 

They swung between displeased and amused as Jendall’s pictures, shot by celebrity fashion photographer Mario Testino, started surfacing online. 

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Jenner makes a solo appearance on the cover with Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput alongside her in the photo spread. 

Shot in the royal backdrop of Jaipur’s Sambodhe Palace, Jenner stuns in a lacy Saint Laurent outfit. Though this isn’t her first international cover for Vogue, it’s shaping up to be the most talked about. Read more…

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India will dance to its Prime Minister’s tunes on New Year’s Eve


India seems to be gearing up for a rather unusual New Year’s Eve — one that will feature political speeches alongside live music and cocktails. 

In a rare kind of party prep, clubs and bars in the national capital of Delhi are reportedly stocking their spaces with television screens and projectors for customers arriving on Dec. 31, when PM Narendra Modi is slated to address the nation. 

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Modi’s last unscheduled address had shaken Indian citizens and the effects of his announcement haven’t worn off yet. 

Everyone is finding it too risky to ignore what the PM has to say now. It is likely that he will talk about 50 days of demonetization and what lies beyond.  Read more…

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PepsiCo India taps social media to hire millennials


How do you appeal to a growing generation of workforce that increasingly defies traditional norms and turns to internet for nearly all its needs? PepsiCo India recently went out of its way to find out. 

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PepsiCo India this month ended its ‘Change the Game’ campaign through which it aimed to tap on social media to crowdsource some ideas from millennials, get them engaged, and also identify people they would want to hire. 

“Millennials are looking into their smartphones. They are interacting digitally, everything they do happens through this platform,” Suchitra Rajendra, Vice President-HR, PepsiCo India told Mashable India.  Read more…

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India leads Facebook’s Bug Bounty with highest awards and participation



India has topped the list of 127 countries that have participated in Facebook’s Bug Bounty programme. It has the highest number of participating security researchers at 205 and is also the country with the most paid bounties, which have amounted to Rs 48.4 million so far.

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These numbers were calculated since the launch of Facebook’s Bug Bounty programme in 2011. The programme invites white hat hackers to report security vulnerabilities in Facebook, Instagram, Free Basics, Oculus and Onavo.

In 2015, the company received 13,233 submissions from 5,543 researches in 127 countries. In turn, it paid bounties worth $ 936,000 to 210 researchers, who had submitted 526 valid reports. The average payout was $ 1,780, with India, Egypt and Trinidad and Tobago getting the highest number of payouts. Read more…

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