B2B Marketers Are Way Behind on Influencer Marketing and Here’s the Solution

Influencer Marketing is a hot topic, but what is really working, what isn’t and what are the future trends for marketers? Those are the questions we set out to answer in the research report: Influence 2.0: The Future of Influencer Marketing. With analysis from Brian Solis of Altimeter and a research partnership between Traackr and my agency TopRank Marketing, enterprise marketers in North America and Europe were asked about the role of influence including ranking their influencer marketing maturity level. 31% of B2C marketers reported that they are experimenting with influencer marketing and 48% are running ongoing programs. This is in contrast to B2B marketers where a greater number (49%) were still experimenting and only 11% were running ongoing influencer programs. Why does this mean B2B marketers are behind? Within B2B marketing, the role of content during the customer journey is clear. Self directed business buyers are pulling themselves through most…

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Facebook Messenger Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

Do you want to communicate with your customers via Facebook Messenger? Wondering how Facebook Messenger bots and Messenger ads can help? To explore this topic, I interview Molly Pittman. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and […] This post Facebook Messenger Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


How Marketers Can Thrive in the Post Digital World

When I first heard Eric Yale from Forrester suggest at the Digital Summit conference that we live in a post digital world, I have to admit. I thought he was a bit nuts. Or just being sensational. I was wrong. If you’re thinking the same thing, here’s a rundown of what Eric said to provide some clarity. In today’s marketing world, it is increasingly important for brand and consumer interactions to be frictionless, anticipatory and immersive. This is what customers expect and in a post digital world, it’s what brands need to deliver. To understand what this means for marketing, Eric suggested that there are three fundamental reasons we are “post digital”. First, customers are entitled. With the proliferation of digital devices, customers have huge expectations from brands. The evolution of this expectation is centered in the growth of always addressable customers – that is, customers who use more than three devices…

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3 Timesaving Tools for Social Media Marketers

Do you need to free up time in your schedule for audience engagement? Looking for tools to simplify repetitive social media activities? Using specialized tools to streamline time-consuming social media tasks will increase your efficiency, freeing up your schedule so you can engage with your most loyal and interesting fans. In this article, you’ll discover […] This post 3 Timesaving Tools for Social Media Marketers first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

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23 Cool Tools for Social Media Marketers

Looking for some new apps and tools to add to your social media marketing toolbox? Wondering which graphics, analytics, and productivity tools can help streamline your workflow? In this article, you’ll discover 23 tools and apps shared in the Social Media Marketing podcast’s Discovery of the Week. #1: Taco The Taco app lets you combine […] This post 23 Cool Tools for Social Media Marketers first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

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How micro-influencers are becoming essential to marketers

GUEST: Consumers are becoming savvier at tuning out ads, and marketers are scrambling to find new ways to reach them. At the same time, people — especially teens and millennials — are becoming increasingly engaged with online influencers. Some statistics illustrate where we’re headed: 32% of internet users will use an ad blocker in 2017 (eMarketer) 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads (Nielsen) 40% of millennials say that their favorite YouTuber understands them better than their friends (Google) No wonder 75 percent of marketers are now using some form of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing represents a new pull method of advertising — by partnering with voices that consumers already trust, brands can pull people into their brand message through authentic storytelling and creative content development. Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept but is quickly becoming a de facto part of the digital marketing mix.  …


Advanced Facebook Page Insights: An Analysis Guide for Marketers

Want more information on how your Facebook audience responds to your marketing? Looking for a guide to help you explore your Facebook Page Insights? The data in Facebook Insights can help you learn what’s working and what’s not on your page. In this article, you’ll discover how to download and analyze your Facebook Page Insights […] This post Advanced Facebook Page Insights: An Analysis Guide for Marketers first appeared on . – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


Updated for 2017 — Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

The “Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide,” from our sister-site MarTech Today, examines the market for enterprise SEO software platforms and the considerations involved in implementing this software into your business. If you are considering licensing an SEO software tool, this… Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing