New features not to miss: A/B testing, HTML previewing, and more

The latest release from VerticalResponse is live, and you’ll love what we’ve cooked up. Here are four powerful features to increase your open rates and streamline your email marketing workflow: Subject line A/B testing Do your subscribers respond to subject lines phrased as questions? Do emojis improve open rates? Do shorter subject lines work better than longer ones? Our new A/B testing feature allows you to compare two different versions of a subject line to determine what prompts increased email open rates. On the Campaign & Sender Details page, under the Subject Line form, is an option to “Add A/B testing with different subject lines.” Create two distinct subject lines in the form. The system will automatically send the email out to 25 percent of your audience — half of that group will see subject line A, and half will see subject line B. The system automatically determines the winner…

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Top Italian official says Facebook must do more against hate speech

(Reuters) – Facebook must do much more to stamp out hate speech on its site, the president of Italy’s lower house of parliament said, warning that rising abuse on various social media was being fueled by fake news. Laura Boldrini, herself often the focus of sexist insults and online threats, complained to Facebook managers in November about hate speech on the social network and put forward several proposals on ways to deal with the problem. “Two months after our meeting, they have done nothing. They have not even written to me about what I said. Good manners would have expected at least a reply,” Boldrini told Reuters in a gilded, art-filled room in the parliament building. She said she would write an open letter to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week reiterating her call for a more effective and timely policing of his site. “His platform risks becoming…


SearchCap: Local SEO, links via content & more

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How to Know Exactly What Content to Deliver to Convert More Prospects

Back in the 1940s, psychologists Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel conducted an experiment. They showed study participants an animated film consisting of a rectangle with an opening, plus a circle and two triangles in motion. The participants were then asked to simply describe what they saw in the film. Before you keep reading, take a look at it yourself. I’ll be here when you come back. So, what did you see? Out of all the study participants, only one responded with “a rectangle with an opening, plus a circle and two triangles in motion.” The rest developed elaborate stories about the simple geometric shapes. Many participants concluded the circle and the little triangle were in love, and that the evil grey triangle was trying to harm or abduct the circle. Others went further to conclude that the blue triangle fought back against the larger triangle, allowing his love to escape…