Aw, Snap: Everything You Need to Know about Snapchat for Business #SMMW17

“Social media evolution is inevitable. All you can do is evolve along with it.” – @carlosgil83Click To Tweet Snapchat is a platform seemingly designed to confuse people of a certain age. Let’s say those of us who were high school age or older when Bill Clinton was president. If you’re in that demographic, you probably didn’t immediately “get” Snapchat’s minimalist UI and self-destructing messages. Even if you’re one of the hip kids snapping away at home, it can be hard to see the business value of the platform. But among the emoji and the rainbow vomiting there’s a huge potential audience. Brands with the right content and strategy are already enjoying success. If your target audience matches the platform’s demographics, it’s time to dive in. At his Social Media Marketing World session, BMC’s Head of Global Social Media Carlos Gil made a compelling case for Snapchat as a marketing tool,…

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Snapchat needs to evolve—or it’ll be brutally slaughtered by Facebook.

For Facebook, Snapchat isn’t an app to be feared.  It’s a feature to be absorbed. The world’s largest social network  relentlessly taunts Snap Inc., their much-smaller competitor, known mostly for its disappearing messages app, by lifting Snap’s core functionality, and dumping it into a variety of products it doesn’t really belong.  Who knows what Facebook’s really thinking—the company tends to promote its features with fluff about letting you “share all the moments of your day”—but the ripoffs are almost certainly less about providing a service to users, and much more about outright killing Snapchat. Read more… More about Instagram Stories, Instagram, Snapchat Stories, Facebook Stories, and Social Media Social Media

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Advertisers prefer Instagram to Snapchat

Snapchat is used by over 150 million people, and its parent company just went public in an IPO that gave it a market cap of $ 25 billion. But it appears Snap might have some work to do in terms of convincing advertisers the platform is worth putting their money into. According to a series of studies published recently by RBC Capital Markets, in partnership with Ad Age magazine, advertisers and marketers are significantly less interested in spending money on Snapchat than they are in doing so with competing services like Instagram and Facebook. When the 1,600 marketers who were surveyed as part of these studies were asked which platforms they were most interested in advertising on, almost 65% of them said Instagram, while less than 40% of those who responded said they were interested in doing so with Snapchat. This reluctance appears to stem from a lack of return…

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I’m starting to love Instagram Stories more than Snapchat because I’m incredibly thirsty

Instagram and Snapchat are basically the same thing now, with one major difference: Everyone you know is on the first, and not the second.  SEE ALSO: Hillary Clinton Snapchats an empowering video, but the internet only cares about her new haircut I know, Snapchat is cool—the superior offering, really—but it’s true. Instagram, quickly becoming the dad-rock of social media, has 300 million daily users versus 158 million on Snapchat. I didn’t think this mattered until Snapchat shot itself in the foot with a small but significant update recently. It’s all to do with Stories, which work similarly on each platform. Basically, you take a picture or short video and post it under your profile, where your followers—all of them, or a select group, depending on your settings—can watch it for a span of 24 hours.  Read more… More about Social Media, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Social Media

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Oh Snap! A book on how businesses can use Snapchat

REVIEW: With every popular social platform, companies often struggle to figure out how to leverage the technology in an effort to drive revenue or brand recognition. Snapchat is no different and just how can campaigns be implemented in a way that gets the message across and is widely accepted by the ephemeral messaging app’s demographic? Oh Snap! is a book written by Kate Talbot which promises to fan away the fog of confusion surrounding Snapchat and offer guidance on how brands can use it in the right way. “I personally wrote this book because I was one of the first writers on Snapchat for Business from a marketing perspective,” she told VentureBeat. Using the feedback she gained from her first article in 2015, Talbot discerned that there was a need for an educational book for businesses. If you’re thinking that it’s yet another lengthy novel of someone bloviating about Snapchat,…

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Snapchat stock finishes up 44% on first day

 Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, had a great day in its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. After pricing the IPO at $ 17 per share yesterday, the stock opened at $ 24. It then closed the day at $ 24.51, a 44 percent premium to the people who bought it yesterday. But like with all IPOs, not everybody got to access Snap’s IPO price. This is usually reserved for a smaller group… Read More Social – TechCrunch

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No one in San Francisco wears Snapchat Spectacles

While walking around downtown San Francisco yesterday, I saw five people wearing AirPods, those new wireless earphones from Apple that appear to be floating just outside of people’s ears. And this is at a time when Apple’s store in the Union Square neighborhood has none in stock, while Apple’s online store has a six-week shipping delay on AirPods. “We’re working hard to catch up with the incredible demand,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook told analysts on the company’s earnings call last month. It’s safe to say that AirPods are among the hottest consumer electronics products out now. But another product that’s gotten a lot of buzz lately, the Spectacles glasses from Snap (the company behind messaging app Snapchat), is nowhere to be seen. I literally haven’t seen one pair in real life in San Francisco — or even during a weeklong visit to Los Angeles last month, despite Snap’s headquarters…